Aerobic Septic Systems in Oklahoma

Aerobic septic systems are an alternative to traditional septic tank systems that can provide several advantages to homeowners. It can be more environmentally friendly, as the effluent has fewer impurities. It’s based on a simple concept: Air is forced into a tank promoting an aerobic environment. Once the aerobic organisms digest and treat the wastewater, the water is either disinfected or distributed into drip irrigation tubing below the ground surface. Thus, aerobic systems require a smaller runoff area or “leach field.” Properly running aerobic treatment systems produce no odor and in some cases, the water can even be used for irrigation.

Installation of a New Aerobic Septic System

Aerobic septic system installation is easy and causes only minor disruption to your property when done by a pro. Because you are basically running your own wastewater treatment plant, it is important to work with a qualified, trained professional company to assure the system runs efficiently and you have all the proper paperwork needed up to date. Moreover, it takes some expertise to know how to install an aerobic septic system properly. Once installed, they are safe and simple to own. Systems are specially designed with controllers and alerts to easily monitor proper functioning. Better yet, they are often less expensive to install than LPDs or other conventional systems because there is no need to prepare a new leach field. Not sure if this type of system is for you? Willco will come out to evaluate your needs and make a recommendation for the appropriate septic system.

Full Service from Installation to Maintenance and Cleaning

Willco Septic works with all aerobic system manufacturers and can provide any repair or maintenance required on your aerobic septic system, including supplying treatment, disinfectant tablets, and other supplies. The Oklahoma DEQ requires a maintenance agreement or aerobic septic system maintenance contract on all new aerobic systems and wastewater testing on all aerobic systems regardless of the installation date. So, make sure to schedule your routine maintenance with your aerobic septic service company today – or call us anytime for maintenance or if you suspect any issues or problems with your system.